For my mother-in-law's birthday last week, I had the idea to make a homemade card using stickers, markers... even highlighters.  All it took was some leftover card stock and a few pens.  I kept a lot of it handwritten instead of using lettered stickers or something similar to keep the personal touch.  This could be even more fun and creative if you went to a craft store and picked up some materials.  You could use a different colored piece of card stock to act as a border to your card, use stencils, stickers, cutouts, the possibilities are endless.  Along with my dorkiness apparently.  Anyway, after making that one, I decided to make a few more...

Oh, and if anyone is wondering how productive my day was last week... the answer is pretty productive.  I did get a lot done, but there is still lots to do!

P.S.  The Tollis family had a Christmas card photoshoot the other night.  Given it was just us and we didn't have a family member or friend to act as a photographer, we got pretty creative with setting the camera on bar stools and candle holders... and I think you can definitely tell.  I'll have a post later this week with our first (adorable!) family Christmas cards - yes, I made two because I couldn't choose between them - and some outtakes.