Today is Sheri's birthday and I want to wish her a fabulous day!  I could not ask for a more loving, caring, fun and genuine woman for a mother-in-law.

Sheri, you do so much for so many people, especially Ryan and I.  Take today and treat yourself!  I love you!  Happy, happy, happy birthday!

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As I mentioned a post or two ago, Ryan and I are making our very own homemade wine.  Again, cross your fingers we don't end up with 30 bottles of vinegar.  We completed the first step a couple of weeks ago and have now moved onto the second step which consisted of transferring the wine from the bucket to the jug (I'm sure there are more technical words they're supposed to be called than "bucket" and "jug") and now it is resting peacefully in our closet, all wrapped up in one of Ryan's old comforters.  I think because it's not supposed to be in light or something?

Anyway, here is the documentation of stage two.  Oh, and please, please excuse the fact that this took place in our guest bathroom.  We sanitized everything and if the location of our wine-making bothers you, you don't have to drink it.  We'll drink it all happily.

You know we had to include the obligatory picture of Cira helping out.

This part took some time and actually ended up in us losing control of the tube and spilling some all over the floor.  Oops.

There it is!  Now we let it sit for about two weeks, and after that, I'm not sure.  I would have to go check the crazy-long instruction sheet, but instead I'll just let Ryan figure it out and put up another post when we're there!

Also, we each had a glass of it when it was being transferred from the bucket to the jug and it was pretty good!  It was still pretty intense and you could still taste the yeast, but it was good!  Let's hope the cozy little home we made for it in our closet keeps it that way.