Today, I am going to be productive.  Not that I don't do anything on any other day, but today, well today is going to be super-productive.  I often find myself procrastinating because I wait for the perfect condition to do things, somewhat of an idealist I guess.  This often works against me though.  Since we got married, I have been pretty good about keeping the house clean and staying on top of laundry, but I always have a full to-do list in my inbox.  Our kitchen is usually clean and the condo is usually picked up, but when it comes to things like making myself an eye exam and putting together Christmas gifts, it takes longer.  I wait for everything to be just right to get these things done, whereas the everyday chores always get done because they're just not exciting.  Oh, and yes, I email myself my to-do list.  I definitely get a gold star when it comes to being Type A.

Anyway, when I get going on a home project or organizing something, I am unstoppable and work for hours until things are exactly right.  On the other hand, I make excuses for getting things done and finding myself thinking about what needs to be done, but wanting and waiting for perfect circumstances to do so.  So today, here's to being productive and not needing perfection.  I'll let you know how it goes.