The weekend before last, Ryan and I chopped down our first real Christmas tree.  Yes, were were those people.  We had it up and decorated before we purchased our Thanksgiving turkey.  See, I believe in giving each holiday it's own time, especially Thanksgiving, which is so often hurried past in order to get to the Christmas craziness.  But since it is now December, I thought it was finally appropriate to share our Christmas tree story.

Ryan's family has some friends that own land and have a bunch of people up every year to cut down a tree while drinking hot chocolate.  We just couldn't miss out on that kind of festivity.  Behold, the adventure of Chip, our little Christmas tree.  Oh, and please note how much fuller the tree looks when surrounded by others!  When against the walls of our condo, it exudes much more of a Charlie Brown vibe, but we love it.

You know you can't say you've ever seen something more precious than our baby girl in her cozy holiday toy (I swear it's not a sleeping bag, it came with toys and string in it and it stuff... whatever, she's adorable and it's definitely not the most far-fetched purchase I've made for her).

Absolutely delicious Disaronno and milk lattes.

Here it is!  Our first Christmas tree.  P.S. Stay tuned for some holiday sparkle ideas I've been crafting up around here...

 'Tis the season!