For Thanksgiving this year, our first as a married couple, we went to Ryan's dad's house for the day (part of our master plan for the holidays, which we figured out months in advance).  It is always slow-paced and relaxing there and we enjoyed a wonderful day of cooking, eating and being with family.

Ryan made his first turkey ever and it was awesome!  He put a brine on it the night before and it was oh so moist and flavorful.

You'll have to excuse the fact that we already dug into it once this picture was taken.

My favorite dish in the world!  My mom always made this sweet potato casserole while I was growing up and I couldn't image a Thanksgiving without it, so, naturally, I made it and brought it over.  And it was a huge hit!  I was so proud :)  The best part was Ryan's uncle's mom, who, at 93-years-old, declared it was the best thing she's ever eaten.  She proceeded to protect it the rest of the night and took the very little leftovers there were home with her to eat later that night.  It was hilarious.

I also made a praline pumpkin pie that was pretty good too.  You cover the top of the pie with pralines right before serving, so sadly, they aren't in the picture.  But we just finished up the leftovers last night and I must say it's pretty good!