To My Husband,

I am thankful for how you listen. When we talk, you hear what I say. You value what I say and take it into consideration and then respond. When I talk, I am so quick to think of a response or rebuttal that I don't always hear what you are saying. I know that if I listened to you better, I would be wiser and my problems would be easier.

I am thankful for how you love Cira and I, your girls. Your love makes us a family. You hold us together and are the foundation for our family. I cannot wait to see what an amazing father you will be to our children. That will be the greatest blessing of my life.

I am thankful for how you are so good to my family and yours. This is so important to me and I am so grateful that we are blessed with families that love and support us to no end. Thank you for always supporting me and for loving my parents and siblings as if they were yours all along. I am thankful that you have such kind parents and siblings whose love has given me not just in-laws but great friends.

I am thankful for your passionate outlook on life. You inspire me with your dedication to your interests and how talented you are. You have lead me to new adventures in life and have helped me find my passions along the way.

I am thankful for your love of cooking. There is no better feeling than being at home with you while we drink wine, make a meal and then collapse on the couch together. I am thankful that you care about our health and find such joy in being a foodie.

I am thankful for your handiness. I would have no computer, Internet, or TV without you. I would have clogged drains, a broken refrigerator, and a lot of frustrations. As a matter of fact, you fixed the TV this morning so I could watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I am thankful for your smell :) When I hug you, I literally get a physical high because of your pheromones.

I am thankful for your intelligence. I am so proud of your accomplishments while you were in college including your leadership as the SHRM President, your excellent GPA, your Psychology major and Business minor, your internship and your research, to name a few. You also worked and planned our wedding in addition to all this during your last semester of college.

I am thankful for the way you look at me. I will always cherish the photographs taken the day before our wedding at our rehearsal. I feel a physical squeeze in my heart when I look at the way you looked at me that day.

I am thankful for how we laugh together, mostly when we are alone. You do it without even trying and it makes me get a perspective on my problems when you make me smile.

I am thankful for our future. We are so blessed by our marriage and it takes my breath away to know that this is my life and that it will be for the rest of our lives.

I am thankful God chose you and I together.

Love, Your Wife