I woke up this morning earlier than normal to take my little sister to school and walked outside to a gloomy, overcast, no-sun-shining kind of day.  There was frost on my windshield (since the hubs and I haven't traded the garage spot for the outdoor spot yet) and my car was a little slower than normal starting up.

I love these days.  They feel oddly comforting and even relaxing.  They remind me to slow down a little bit and take it all in.  Maybe it's because the lack of color makes you appreciate other things or allows your eyes and mind to take a break from constant bombardment.  Maybe it's because other people seem to slow down on these days as well.  Maybe it's because the clock actually does pass by slower than a second at a time.  Gray days are still, quiet, and introspective.

We are staying at our friend's cabin for the weekend which makes this weather that much more enveloping.  I'm sure the sun will be out by noon, but for now, I'm enjoying the gray.

This photo was taken on our trip to Michigan a few summers ago.  While there, we visited Mackinac Island and rode bikes around the town.  It's rather magical, really.  It feels as if you have gone back in time 100 years because there are no cars or chain stores.  Just big, beautiful homes, horses, and bicycles.
So slow down, cozy up, and have a wonderful weekend.  Pictures of our adventures to come.  I would have put an exclamation point after that last sentence but even that seemed a bit too jarring for this slow, hazy day.