That's Chelsea + Ryan in case you didn't figure it out.  Yep, we're Team Chy.  Always will be.  You can see what we mean by this in the picture above.  This was taken at the Bolder Boulder a few years ago and is one of my favorite pictures ever taken of the two of us.  You'll have to excuse the blurriness on the edges... it was my best efforts to remove the other people in the picture without having to bust open Photoshop and give myself a crash course since we just got it.

Yes, it was taken by the professional photographers that are scattered throughout the course, and yes, I did pay $30 for this one picture, and yes, I am so glad I did.  I absolutely love it.  We were about to cross the finish line and had no idea it was being taken.

It was Ryan's first time running the Bolder Boulder and he did great!  Given the fact that he was a lacrosse player growing up and doesn't exactly have a "runners body," I was very impressed.
That's 6.2 miles of love people.