Call me crazy, but I recently decided to leave my job as a banker and pursue something else.  I know I'm not going to land my dream job right now or find out what my life's passion is, but I hope that my next job will be more suiting to my interests, abilities and beliefs.
I don't mind working long hours or being stressed, but I would like it to be for something I am moved by.  I also figure this is a good time to start thinking about what I want to do in life.  Of course, this is often complicated by the fact that we want kiddos sometime in the somewhat near future (two to four... ish years?).  It would be amazing to find something that would be compatible to raising our kids at home, but I don't know if that will happen.  Despite the fact that I chose to leave my job and am positive it was the right thing to do, it has been hard.  People automatically assume I was laid off and everyone knows how nerve-racking interviewing can be.  Spending hours looking through job postings and trying to decipher what exactly the job would entail is not my definition of fun.  Again though, I am relieved and excited for this opportunity!

Through my last job and my new job hunt, I have come to a few realizations:

- I am willing to work long and hard but I also value home-life balance
- I would love to help people
- I would LOVE to work in design of some sort

My career change comes at a time when I am beginning to think more long-term.  There are careers that I know I would be passionate about but they require time - either more schooling or a long period of time before breaking into the industry.  I don't know exactly what our future will bring, but we do know that we both feel strongly about my staying at home to raise our children when they are young.  I feel that as soon as a career would pick up, we would want to start trying to have kids, and nothing will be more important to us than our children!  Maybe I should just go for something and see what happens?  Or maybe I should find a job I like and be content?  I feel like I'm walking a fine line between being selfish by leaving my job in this economy and not being selfish enough by not devoting more to figuring out what my passion is.  However, I do know that family will always be most important and I am blessed to have a husband that is intellectual, motivated and caring.  With family as a priority, I will be more than successful if we have a happy, healthy home and nothing will be more important and rewarding than that.  

It's a good thing we agree on this, especially since the hubs is a psychology major.  We have just decided that this will be right for us (also, if genetics have anything to do with it, my mom ran out of her hour long college class to come home because she couldn't be away from me when I was a baby!)  I appreciate the support Ryan has given me through this.  He told me to do what I needed to do when I was struggling and has been very helpful in the job hunt process.  I know it must be frustrating at times for him, as it is for me, yet he is encouraging and excited to see what my future will bring.  It is good to have him pushing me and believing in me much more than I do at times.

I am excited to see what the near future brings for my work life and am working hard to accomplish that soon.  Again, I know I won't land a dream job tomorrow but I am looking forward to starting a new one and moving forward from there.

So, this is a completely random post, but the point of this blog is to keep you updated on our life right?  And this is definitely a big part of our life right now.

P.S. Let me know if you hear about anything that would be fitting for me!  I very much appreciate it!
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