I have always enjoyed picking out a costume and dressing up for Halloween and for the past few years, Ryan has been so sweet to participate in couples costumes with me.  So... in light of the upcoming weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some dressing up from our three Halloweens past.  We will post pictures from this Halloween next week so stay tuned and have a stupendously spooky weekend!

Halloween 2007: Ryan was a pirate and I was a fairy.  Clearly, the couples costumes had not yet begun.

Halloween 2008: My man donned a Trojan soldier costume and I dressed up as sweet little Goldilocks.  Cute, but still random...

Halloween 2009: This year was a blast!  As you can see, we dressed up together!  And as the best couple a couple can be, a bride and groom.  Or in our case, a corpse bride and groom.  Since our wedding was coming up, this was the perfect get-up and we had so much fun running over our outfits in the parking lot with Ryan's car and stomping on them in the mud.

Halloween 2010:  Here's a little teaser of this Halloween, our beautiful baby girl in her teeny tiny pumpkin costume.  Yes, it is perfectly acceptable that I dress up my cat for Halloween (this is being said to Ryan in particular).  Definitely the cutest jack-o-lantern we've ever seen!