I love fall and you know Ryan and I both love food, so we've had some fun this season with all kinds of treats.  Plenty people I know claim fall as their favorite season and I think it is just because of the simple fact that it gives you the warm n' fuzzies.  This fall has been especially magnificent given the long, warm weather that has kept the leaves on the trees for weeks and the rainbow of colors from maroon to burnt orange to deep, bright yellows and greens.  All this has made me revel in autumn even more and has become apparent in the way it has crept into our kitchen.

One of the best parts of fall is of course the veggies.  I'm putting this picture first so that we look somewhat healthy considering everything else to come.

This was a delicious gazpacho soup, which is usually a summer dish, but given the lingering warm weather, it made for a perfect autumn dinner.

This work-in-progress recipe above definitely deserves a post of its own, and I will give it that soon.  It is the beginnings of Ryan's Spaghetti Bolognese and it is fantastic!  It calls for dozens of ingredients - the pancetta, onions and carrots shown above are just the beginning of YUM-O.

Our delicious and nutritious finds from the Holy Cross Abbey Festival and local farmer's markets.

Caramel apples!  Nothing says fall like these babies.  I nearly melted my skin off once or twice working with the caramel but it was so worth it.  We took them to a family dinner and they were a huge hit!

This was the first time I've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but the recipe is definitely a keeper, plus its super simple.  I made four batches of these over the past month and Ryan has enjoyed half of every one of those batches :)

Danny's masterpiece, pumpkin beer, enough said.  But I'm going to say more - rim the beer mug in honey and then dip it in brown sugar.  Then fill it up with a pumpkin ale and a shot of vanilla vodka.  We used Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's Punkin Ale.  They were so good!

We had friends over for wine and cheese night, which is always a good time.  Especially considering it lasts until late in the night, which is why we need all the energy.

Mmmm!  I love Odell's winter seasonal, Isolation Ale.  Although we don't live within biking distance of the brewery anymore, we do live withing driving distance of liquor stores which provide us with a six-pack once in a while.

Another delectable meal in our b-e-a-utiful black Le Creuset dutch oven.  This week Ryan made a bright, bold chicken curry and although we smelled like it for a few days, it was absolutely savory.

A little something from this morning, coffee with a pumpkin on top.  Ryan made java and although he has tried his hand at foam art before, this autumnal coffee creativity was the best thus far.

After all this I'm glad we're not having a winter wedding! Hope you enjoyed, toffee nut bars to come later today!