Welcome to our nest!  If you're reading this, you have a part in our life (we're glad you do!) and this blog is to serve as a journal for just that, our married life together.  We should have started this when we first got married, got engaged or started dating, but Ryan was too busy wooing me while we were dating, we were too busy wedding planning during the engagement and of course we were too busy honeymoonin' after we got married!  But don't worry that you missed out, we will eventually provide stories of everything that led to our getting hitched right here on our blog, "our" being said with the hope that the husband makes a guest appearance every once in awhile!

It has been almost four months since we said our "I do's" and it has been amazing.  I knew being a newlywed would be romantic and exciting, but I didn't know it would be this much fun!  I guess it makes sense when you get to play house with your best friend everyday.  We appreciate you checking up on us and hope you do often - both here and in person, of course.  Here's to all things Mr. and Mrs. Tollis!

And no, we do not have our wedding pictures back yet... but we will leave you with a little teaser :)