Ryan and I have had a very busy past couple of weeks.  This past weekend we attended his company holiday party, which was held at the Antler's Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs and consisted of his wearing a singing, lit-up elf hat with his boss.  Overall, a successful event, which was good since Ryan and I, along with his boss and his wife, planned the party.  Sorry the pictures are so blurry.  Not blurry enough to get rid of any embarrassment, however.  Love you babe, you make quite the cute elf actually.

We also celebrated our 2-year engagement anniversary.  Or engageaversary, as Ryan calls it.  So now we have our actual wedding anniversary (or simply, our anniversary), our engagement anniversary, the anniversary of when we were first "together" and the anniversary of our first date.  And the anniversary of when Ryan first cooked for me, the first movie we went to together... just joking.  But we do have the first four, although we really only celebrate our wedding anniversary and our engagement anniversary.  Our first date was on Valentine's Day, so that kind of kills two birds with one stone, or rather two gifts with one really awesome one.  Anyway, here are the beautiful flowers my husband got for our engageaversary.  Beautiful for Christmas!  Red roses and pine, they smell absolutely wonderful.  We also went out for dinner at Marigold.  Funny though, we ended up ordering a hamburger and pizza, even though we usually order their amazing steaks.  It looked like we ordered off the kid's menu or something.  But it was delicious.

Ryan is taking a long weekend for Christmas and New Year's, which starts today!  Have a wonderful snowy, foggy Wednesday everybody!  That is, if you live in Colorado.  If not, enjoy the weather wherever you do live!

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