For Ryan's 22nd birthday, I gave him a home wine-making kit.  Being the vino enthusiast and scientific nerd at heart he is, he loved it.  I was beginning to doubt it given that it took almost two years for us to get it going, but we really haven't had the time or room for it.  Then, about a week ago, we found ourselves with a totally open Saturday and started our batch of ______ (we're still coming up with a name for our wine).  The kit comes with everything needed to make your own wine at home, and it's been a ton of fun so far, although for me, it is a rather technical process.  But between Ryan's grandparents, who also make their own delicious wine, and Ryan's knack for researching anything and everything on the Internet, we've managed pretty well so far (here's hoping it won't turn to 30 bottles of vinegar instead of 30 bottles of wine).  But enough with the rambling and onto the eye candy... my husband in his pajamas, uh... I mean, the gorgeous vino.

Stage 1 is combining the juice, water, oak chips, flavors, and yeast.  It sits for approximately one week and then we transfer it to the giant jug where it sits for another week or two.  We'll keep you posted on our vino here on the blog!  Anyone else made their own wine before?  To tell if you have.

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