Since I've had some extra time on my hands this holiday season, I've been doing a little bit of Christmas shopping for the hubby ahead of time.  Now, my idea of Christmas shopping is not going to the mall with a million other people, parking half a mile away and wandering around looking for things to buy for people.  My idea of Christmas shopping is browsing over time and buying things when they strike me.  This way, I end up with more fitting presents and less stress.

As mentioned before, Ryan and I are in the middle of making our own wine right now.  Ryan the Researcher has looked up information on the Internet, checked out books from the library and gone to several home-brewing stores for all the resources he can get.  The wine-making also sparked an interest in brewing our own beer at home too.  This interest in home-brewing, combined with the fact that we have begun watching the show "Brew Masters" on the Discovery Channel made this the perfect gift:
Image found here: ibabuzz.com.
This book was written by the founder and President of Dogfish Head Brewery, Sam Calagione, and Dogfish Head is the brewery that "Brew Masters" is about.  Ryan has been looking for a ton of books on home-brewing and has either checked them out at the library or just gone and looked at them at bookstores but hasn't bought any yet.  I ordered this from the Dogfish Head website and was so excited when it came.  I wrapped it all up and put it under the tree, so excited for Ryan to open it.  But then... last night after spinning he wanted to swing by the library to pick up a book he had on hold.  Yep, that book he was picking up was also the perfect present waiting under the tree for him at home.  He didn't really look at it when he reserved it, but when we picked it up last night, he was so excited and kept showing me pages from it, showing me who the author was and everything.

After about five seconds of this, I gave him a look of hilarious disappointment.  Another five seconds later, he figured it out.  So I told him to put the book back and let someone else check it out, and yes, he could open his Christmas present early.  And then he spent an hour looking through it last night.  He agreed it was the perfect present, so all is well.  Even though now I have to find something else to replace it with since he figured out what his present was two weeks before Christmas.  Maybe this will do:

Image found here: stylehive.com.
Just kidding, Ryan was a good boy this year and didn't do anything to deserve coal.  Sometimes he just researches too much for his own good...

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