For our first Christmas here at the Tollis household, you know we had to send out our first Christmas card.  Thus, we had a mini-photo shoot in our family room in front of our Christmas tree using the automatic 10-second timer on the camera.  This explains the quality of some of the photos, but hey, we think they're cute.  First things first, some outtakes:

A full-on torso shot of just me is not really the message we were looking to send...

Trying to line up the camera before Ryan got home from work.  I don't know why I felt the need to plaster this creepy smile on my face, or therefore, smile at all.

At least I'm out of the pictures now, but too much table, too little tree.


Ok, so if Ryan stands right next to me, we should be good, right?  Again, don't know why I felt the need to smile like this.

Well now the whole family is here, but we look awkward and Cira does not look pleased.

Now Cira isn't looking at the camera and Ryan has a blurry hand going on.

Again, not the message we're looking to send out for a Christmas card.
Enough awkwardness, check out the final pictures that made the cut for our first Christmas card!  Ryan (and Cira) were such troopers.

I love this one!  Cira looking up at Ryan, my trying to look put together despite it being a hectic day, and my adorable husband.

I know at this point people are probably getting sick of receiving pictures of us kissing in the mail since we did it for our wedding thank-yous and now this.  Sorry, we promise this is the last one... maybe.
Anyway, I couldn't choose between these two Christmas cards, so I ordered both!  The final products:

Our first Christmas, our first Christmas card(s).  Here's to many of them ahead!

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  1. So cute! Love the picture on the bottom right of the red and green card :)


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