On this Thanksgiving eve, I thought it would be fun to do a "this time last year" type of post.  So... this time last year, my aunt Jackie and cousin AnnMarie flew out from Florida and we had a blast, as we always do with them.

We looked for bridesmaids dresses (pictures of which are in the "Wedding Prep" post a couple weeks ago), we went shopping, and prepared for Thanksgiving.  And the best part -  they threw me an awesome "Out of Town Wedding Shower" since they wouldn't be able to make it to the bridal shower in May (even though AnnMarie ended up flying out anyway!)

My fabulous "I kiss better than I cook" apron, I guess you would have to ask Ryan :)
Such a great Thanksgiving we had, amidst all the wedding-planning and stuffing-making craziness.  It was so exciting knowing that our wedding was coming up and having family out to help with the planning was great.

This year, our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, will be wonderful too.  We are going to Ryan's dad's house and it will surely be less active and more relaxing.  And it is oh-so-wonderful that we don't have to make the drive back up to Fort Collins this year.  We can stay as long as we like.

Oh, and stay tuned for a special Thanksgiving day post tomorrow.

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