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This past weekend, Ryan and I and two other couples bravely ventured to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.  More specifically, we went the The Shining Ball.  It... was... fabulous!  We had a blast and it was definitely the best Halloween we've had since trick-or-treating as little kids.

Ryan and I stopped during our mini road-trip for din din at Oskar Blues, a brew pub in Longmont.  After this, it was time to make the drive through dark, narrow mountain corridors and pray that we could find our cabin.  Which, by the way, was on Sketch Box Lane.  Made us feel real good about where we would be sleeping that night.

A picture of said cabin, of course when it is daytime and all nice and sunny outside.  Definitely a little spookier at night.  Although they were beautiful and the perfect place to stay for the weekend.  Image found here: http://www.solitudecabins.com/photoGallery/photo-gallery.html.

The hubs and I in front of The Stanley Hotel!

And now for our get-ups!  We were a masquerade ball couple and had so much fun with these costumes.  We opted not to buy costumes and instead put them together from random odds and ends.  We love getting all fancied up!  On a side note, does anyone else notice all the weird fuzzy dots in this picture?  These were not in any other pictures we took this night... SPOOKY!

Some of our our very good friends, Carlos and Elyse.  They were by far the best looking flapper/gangster couple at The Ball.

Jack Nicholson!  He was hosting The Shining Ball which was perfectly fitting since he was in the movie The Shining (which I admittedly did not know until this weekend).

Here's our artsty-fartsy pictures that I came up with, complete with our red rum punch.

This couple won the award for Best Costumes, and most deservingly so.  They looked incredible as The Queen of Hearts and The Mad Hatter, it was literally like they walked right out of the movie.  And for their prize, they won a stay in Room 217 at The Stanley... supposedly the most haunted room in the entire hotel!  Not so sure I would want to win...

The other fabulous couple and our good friends, David and Kristen Swadley.  They looked oh-so-chilling (and amazing) as The Ice Queen and Jack Frost.

To wrap up our weekend, we traveled down to Pearl Street in Boulder on the way home for lunch and some wandering and boy, are we glad we did.  All the stores have candy out for little kids and we saw some amazingly adorable costumes on the kids.  They were very creative, which makes sense given the culture in Boulder.  Crazy hippies... oh well, I do have to say they can sure whip up a crazy Halloween costume.

This was by far Ryan and I's favorite!  This little boy was so cute I could eat him up.  I could definitely see Ryan putting this on his little boy one day!  Shhh!
Image found here: http://www.familyvacationcritic.com/10-best-grand-hotels/art/.

So there you go!  Our spook-tacular Halloween weekend at The Stanley Hotel's Shining Ball.  We are making it a tradition and are planning on going next year and cannot wait!

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