My mom always puts not one, but two "Happys" when writing "Happy Birthday" in birthday cards.  Hence, there are three in the title of this blog post.  This weekend we celebrated my mom's 39th birthday by getting away at our family friend's cabin in the mountains.  We played games, took walks, read books, and relaxed.  It was wonderful that we were all able to unwind together.

Packing for the two of us - I received an actual comment from the husband on the great selection of t-shirts.

Mom making prosciutto-wrapped chicken deliciousness.  The dish earned a different name over the weekend, but we'll let that story be.

Typical sibling behavior.

More typical sibling behavior.

We taught Brianna and Kelsea how to play poker and Brianna cleaned up!  She won 10 buck-a-roos!

Our cozy little cabin room, it was lovely!

Hello there!

We made spaghetti bolognese for everyone.  Again, one of Ryan's specialties and if you've never had it you are missing out!  But feel free to ask, he loves to make it :)

Our room at night with the fire blazing outside.  It was perfectly charming and relaxing.

We woke up to this breathtaking scenery Sunday morning.

My husband and I!

My sexaaay husband in his flannel!

Happy, happy birthday Mom!  We hope it was fabulous and we love you!

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