Since it is raining outside as I'm typing, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to post some pictures from our honeymoon.  Ryan and I traveled to beautiful Cabo San Lucas!  And now we want to go back... every year.  The beaches were pristine, the people were kind, the culture was rich and the food was fantastic.  We were tucked away in a little cove and the view of the rocks in the ocean was fantastically unique.

Every time we walked down the beach, the locals would ask us "Hooooneymoooners!  You want to fly to the moon?"  And no, we did not fly to the moon - but we did have the best time of our little ol' married lives!  Enjoy!

How it all began... of course!

We're off!  After leaving our wedding at 11pm the night before and sleeping for about four hours, we were on our way!  Me complete with my "Just Married" sparkly tank top and Ryan complete with his... tennis shoes.

We arrived in Cabo and since our room was still being prepared, we decided to get some fresh ceviche and pina coladas pronto.

The view from our room at Villa de Arco... gorgeous.

Our footsies, my something blue.

The Cabo San Lucas Arch!

Some relatives advised us not to leave the resort.  Well, we did and picked up this bad boy for protection.  Worked great, either because it's a gun or it's filled with tequila, one or the other.

This made me laugh so hard!  I looked up from reading and saw Ryan laying on the waterfall.

We're on a boat and...

This sign at El Squid Roe pretty much sums it up!

With our all-inclusive package, we were able to eat at several different restaurants across three resorts.  One of Ryan's favorite meals was a fried red snapper.  It came out whole, mouth to tail, but I must admit that it was delicious.

One of the beautiful sunsets we watched each night while eating dinner.

Here we are enjoying a bulldog (beer, tequila and lemonade, yum!) at Maro's.  Earlier that day we indulged ourselves in a couples massage at the spa.  On our way out, the concierge recommended we go to Maro's Shrimp House for dinner.  Since he was a local and we wanted to venture outside the resort for a meal, we took him up on it.  It was fabulous!  It's a hole in the wall, but the place was absolutely packed and had great ambiance.  There was a man playing his guitar who serenaded us through dinner and the staff was just so much fun.  We enjoyed a seafood platter that came with lobster, crab, fish and whatever else swims in the ocean in Mexico.  However, the best part came when we left.  We finished our drinks and desert and when Ryan went to pay, the server said it had been taken care of.  The man who recommended the restaurant to us came there for dinner that night and was so touched that we listened to his recommendation that he bought our dinner!

Ryan's photography skills displayed above.  He thinks it will be the next Corona ad.

Ryan and his cuban cigar getting to know each other.

 Just so breathtaking - the beaches were perfect.

We love each other!  We love each other!  We love each other!

This picture was taken on our last day of our honeymoon.  We will be back, and we're sure the locals will think it's our first trip as a married couple and offer to fly us to the moon again!

To wrap up our amazing honeymoon - we saw these two rocks by the Arch on our boat tour.  Skulls, no?

'Till Death Do Us Part :)

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